RIB Altair 2 Seater 112 Bed System with Slider (Tested)

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Width 112cm - 2 Seater

Trims include:

  1. Two tone - Perfect if you are recovering in leather as this is the most cost effective trim, or perfectly good to use as is, compliments a wide range of trims. Light Grey Sarabella 18104 Inner Panels & Dark Grey fabric Sarabella 08035 Outer & Rear Par Panel. Soft textured weave.
  2. VW Trims e.g Place, Tasamo, Austin, Simora etc
  3. or Leather on seat area, Suede Effect on sides and rear sleeping side for comfort (choose from a range of leather colours).

Seat Belts - Two Included

Sliding Frame - Allows 20cm slide on seat to bring further forward seat position

Rear Cushion Length -65cm (this makes a 6ft bed)

Headrests - Integrated & height adjustable

Rear cushion cut out to accommodate T5 rear left door pillar

Frame Height - Achieves 33cm Clearance for typical T5 camper floor

Leg inset by 16 cm to clear wheel arch (note the bolts for the slider may foul the arch - it is commonplace in the UK to make an indentation in the arch to accommodate this, a higher clearance frame is not preferable as it will increase the overall height of the seat)

Safety Standard - TUV Homologation

Fixed Frame - Sliding available on other listings

ISOFIX, Arm Rest and Mattress overlay available as optional extra but will increase lead time


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